Dog Daycare

Dogs of all sizes, activity levels, and ages will have a blast at Your Pet’s Wellness daycare! We provide your dog with stimulating enrichment in a safe, organized and clean environment. Our well-trained staff and spacious play areas are the perfect place for any pup to spend the day.

We encourage healthy social interactions by creating play groups based on personality and play style. High-energy dogs spend the day romping with their pals, while more laid-back or senior dogs are given the opportunity to play at their own pace. Daycare attendants are always on hand to supervise play and lead activities using a variety of fun toys. In fact, Your Pet’s Wellness has set a high standard of keeping the staff-to-dogs ratio at more than double the legal requirements.

Your Pet’s Wellness daycare is truly a necessary enrichment activity for our urban-dwelling dogs in Chicago! Come see for yourself — we have a daycare viewing window for pet parents located right in our retail space.







*5, 10, and 20 Day Passes are valid for one year from purchase date


Please fill out this form prior to your first appt. This will greatly expedite your visit and allow us to be better prepared to serve your needs. Also, if you have additional veterinary records such as vaccination history or laboratory results, please email or fax them to us before your visit.