Luxury Cat Boarding

Free from any cold bars or stainless steel, our comfortable Raintree Cat Condos feature many luxurious amenities for finicky felines, including separate resting and feeding/watering ledges, a privacy panel for the litter area, and an integrated fresh-air ventilation system. Since cats are under the watchful eyes of trained Your Pet’s Wellness technicians and veterinarians, our boarding services are especially perfect for senior cats who should not be left home alone with a pet sitter only checking in on them once a day.

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Please fill out this form prior to your first appt. This will greatly expedite your visit and allow us to be better prepared to serve your needs. Also, if you have additional veterinary records such as vaccination history or laboratory results, please email or fax them to us before your visit.

Boarding Pricing Per Night

Raintree Cat Condo

Boarding Add-ons

Additional Cat Staying in Same Condo

Additional fees may apply for oral medications, injectable medications, subcutaneous fluid administration, or insulin administration.