For pets that are unable or too nervous to travel to the hospital, Your Pet’s Wellness makes complete veterinary care available in the comfort of your own home!

For routine visits, our doctors are able to perform vaccinations, obtain samples for bloodwork and urinalysis, provide senior care and arthritis counseling, and prescribe heartworm and flea/tick medications. We are also able to provide on-site care for patients who are sick by using our portable iSTAT hand-held blood lab for a fast, 5-minute diagnosis right in your home!YPW doctors are capable of lovingly identifying and treating many medical issues that may occur in your pet, ranging from digestive disorders, cancer diagnosis and treatment, thyroid disorders, and behavioral modification counseling.

When it comes time to make a decision about the most humane way to end the life of a beloved pet, YPW’s staff has years of experience in helping our clients make the best choices for their pet. If humane euthanasia has been decided upon, every step will be taken to provide the comfort and care for both you and your pet either in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Areas We Visit

This highlighted area serves as a general guide. Availability is subject to schedule openings and mileage is calculated from our Bucktown location.

Housecall Tip


Housecalls are available by appointment only during regular hospital business hours.

We strongly advise that pet owners call ahead to book an appointment in advance, because availability may be limited. However, same or next-day appointments can sometimes be accommodated for patients in need of urgent care.


When scheduling your appointment, please inform us of the type of parking that is available in your area, and have parking permits ready if necessary. Any garage or meter fees will be added on to your invoice.

In the Home

For cats, we strongly recommend that you close off doors to all bedrooms, closets, or any other rooms that your cat likes to hide in. You may even want to consider placing your cat in a bathroom about 30 minutes before we arrive to ensure that we do not spend more time searching for kitty than we do examining him or her. If we expect that we will need a urine sample, please remove access to litterboxes for at least 3-4 hours before the appointment.


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, personal checks, and cash as payment for house calls. (A $5 deduction will be made to all invoices paid by check on housecalls.) We would be more than happy to create an estimate of charges for you ahead of time!

Once your housecall has been scheduled, you can expect your veterinarian and a technician to arrive ready to perform a full physical exam and any other treatments that are needed. New patients will receive an informational folder packed with great information on care recommendations and other pet related referrals. We also bring with us what we like to call “vet in a bag,” so we have all the supplies we need to obtain lab samples, dispense medications, clean ears, trim nails, and so much more!While in your home, your YPW veterinarian will devote as much time as you need to discuss your pet’s health and any questions that you may have.